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Snapdocs is looking for a visionary, highly empathetic, leader to own our marketing function. We are very fortunate to be an early mover and front runner in the absolutely enormous mortgage tech space, and the right Marketing leader will have an enormous impact on our momentum. Imagine having the chance to define the brand of an iconic company in a giant ($1.75T) market. We believe that’s what this opportunity represents.

Snapdocs is an early-stage, rapidly growing company backed by Sequoia, YCombinator, F-Prime Capital, and other prominent investors. We are tackling the truly massive mortgage market, developing modern software for an industry that still relies on fax machines and manila envelopes. We bring security, efficiency, and joy to a paper-based pillar of the US economy. We’ve managed to capture ~13% of all US mortgages and it’s time for us to take that growth to the next level. That’s where you come in…

As our Head of Marketing, you’ll build upon the foundations of our nascent marketing function to architect a world class organization that becomes the outward face of Snapdocs while seeding and supporting our growth. We could list all the specific things we think you’ll build, but you are the subject matter expert, so we’d rather ask you what we should be doing in order to take our marketing org to the next level. What we can say for sure is that you will create an effective results-driven marketing program, spearheading initiatives that are data-informed, insight-driven and customer-focused. And we know you’ll need to hire additional amazing people beyond our current team of 5 to help execute this vision and iterate on existing processes. You’ll have a seat at our leadership table, collaborating with and influencing the most senior leaders across our organization, while building us a winning playbook that can be the industry standard.

We’re looking for an experienced leader who has built and managed marketing orgs from as small as 8 up to 50+ people. Regardless of team size, you can show past success scaling out best-in-class marketing functions from the ground up in an enterprise SAAS company. We want a thoughtful, impactful leader with a strong ability to manage outwards and upwards. To be successful, you’ll need a heaping helping of Empathy, Authenticity, and Pragmatism (3 Operating Principles that are near and dear to Snapdocs’ heart). Empathy for our users, the Authenticity to be a great leader, and the Pragmatism that is the lifeblood of any scrappy startup (and make no mistake, while we’re in an exciting growth phase and may not be one for long, we still are very much a scrappy startup at this moment in time).

Snapdocs’ culture is one that strongly values diversity and drive. We want to work with people of different backgrounds and different paths in life, and we trust our team members to make smart decisions. This means we value independent work as well as collaboration. We provide a range of excellent benefits ranging from the standard stuff (matching 401(k), free lunches, 21 days PTO!) to the not so standard like a 10 year exercise window on your options (!!). And our location in the heart of the Financial District in SF is super convenient.

We value strong marketing experience, therefore mortgage industry knowledge is not required. If this all sounds exciting, we’d love to chat.