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To lead the growth account leads team, directly lead client projects to enable client revenue growth, and lead all client’s growth strategy to generate revenue while maintaining a high labor efficiency.

Responsible for:

  • Understanding growth-focused clients needs and objectives to develop revenue-generating strategies, tech stacks and omnichannel tactics
  • Coach/Manage the growth account leads team to create revenue generation and success for clients
  • Directs all growth-focused projects with strategy, team leadership, technical knowledge, client communication, and revenue generation
  • Establish goals and metrics to ensure the team and client have a common understanding of scope and objectives
  • Accurately manage resource allocation and hours of all growth team or contractors.
  • Provide often an in-depth review of the team’s work to catch inaccuracies and provide feedback, coaching, correction, and processes to improve future projects.
  • Ensuring growth-focused accounts/projects on budget and profitable
  • Keeping growth-focused projects in scope and that new item get priced/scoped as new projects
  • Meeting with clients often to provide leadership, strategy and direction.
  • Correctly scope and estimate new projects to ensure profitability.
  • Scheduling  team and projects months in advance to enable sales to know the availability of resources
  • Conduct weekly coaching and one on one meetings with the team
  • Reporting and analyzing growth projects to ensure they are exceeding clients expectations

Skills, talents, and experiences needed to create superior results. 

  • 15+ years of experience working in consulting (strategy & operations, technology), agency or other similar roles managing complex programs with multiple projects/workstreams
  • Technical skillset which includes deep experience with Customer Data Platforms (segment preferred) , Event-Driven Analytics (Amplitude and Mixpanel preferred), and Marketing Automation (Autopilot, Pardot or Marketo preferred)
  • Service focused, deliver a positive, professional and consultative customer experience 
  • Results-driven leader who is fearless about execution, can champion a vision and roadmap and is not afraid to dig into the details with the front-line team
  • Data-driven mindset with proven experience utilizing metrics & insights as tools for informed decision-making
  • Proactive, plan ahead, thinking in long term time frames as well as short time frames. Planning the team's resources while keeping tasks within scope and on time. 
  • An extreme eye for detail and has a preference for high quality good looking products, websites and design
  • Clear communication skills that can speak with authority, while also understanding that they have two ears for listening.
  • Curious to a fault, and wants to make sure they ask clarifying questions to ensure there are no assumptions and all parties are aligned.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical challenges with a client and ensure they understand the value, impact or consequence of decisions.

Observable indicators to let you know you are performing well in this role. 

  • Client Strategy: Lead client growth and optimization strategy to identify revenue opportunities to have a 6-month roadmap for all growth clients
  • Client Happiness: Secure approval from the client to conduct either a case study or video testimonial of their project at 3 months, 6 months, and/or at project completion 85% of the time.
  • Client performance: Accomplish of 90% of clients objectives during the project timeline
  • Client Retention: Retain 80% of clients in recurring contracts over a rolling 3 month period
  • Project performance: Achieve labor efficiency ratio of 3.0+ on owned client projects, and account leads projects  by your 90th day
  • Client Expansion: Expand project size/scope/revenue 50% of the time by the third month of work with a client
  • Team management: Manage time and planning accordingly to ensure no team members  go past due without prior approval or client approval

Job Description:

As the Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success, you are the leader of the growth services team. You will serve as a client advocate within and serve as the primary point-of-contact for some clients, and also work as an advisor, strategist, and quarterback for the other growth account leads. 

The objective of the Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success is to understand client needs/objectives, help develop strategies and work in unison with our team to execute the projects and campaigns in a timely manner. 

As a VP of Growth and Client Succes, you have solid experience in growth marketing, funnel optimization with a human experience approach. You have a clear idea of how marketing strategy tied with the tech stack increases revenue.

Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success begin working with a client in the final stages of an account being closed for new business. This deal could be either an audit, strategy, or retainer. 

It is the Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success responsibility to help sales build estimates and scopes of work. Once a deal is closed the Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success either delegate the project to another growth account lead or lead the account themselves and delegate their work to others. 

Leading a client account requires taking detailed meeting notes to understand their objectives. Building growth strategies/roadmaps that will increase the client’s revenue. And performing the day to day tasks to accomplish the growth efforts in marketing tools, marketing channels, and analytics. 

While the Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success will lead high-profile accounts, their primary focus is to lead the growth account leads team to success. This will require an in-depth review of teamwork, constant feedback and coaching, and a clear focus on driving results for the client.

For someone to be successful in this role they will need to be able to effectively and independently communicate the scope of work and the progress in technical and lamens terms to the client. They will need to work well with the client's team to problem solve, schedule, and scope urgent requests from a client or team member. Being able to schedule resources for short-term and long-term goals while staying under budget is key to success in this position. 

The Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success will be a key point of contact for growth-focused clients during their relationship with the The goal of this Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success is to support clients’ projects with strategy, scheduling, planning, and scoping. Director of Growth Marketing and Client Success act as a key leader for the client, growth account leads, and sales team.

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work from anywhere, fully-remote position
  • Premium health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Competitive salary with opportunities for bonus’
  • Flexible federal holidays
  • Company computer
  • Outstanding opportunities for personal growth and career development
  • Continued education and training that exceeds what you have ever seen before